Internet Marketing Services

For the first time in history, the internet has replaced TV as the dominant medium in our everyday lives. The average North American consumer now spends more time per week on the internet than watching TV. Not only has the internet become the biggest source of information but consumers are becoming more and more accustomed to using it for their social, entertainment and media sharing needs.


Google Marketing

Google has become the dominant search engine being used by more than 70% of the population for their online queries. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing allow users to find the most relevant web pages associated with their search. Businesses can use these same search engines to get found by consumers who are looking for their products or services on the internet. However, this is easier said than done in most cases due the overwhelming number of web pages and websites competing for the coveted first page position on most key terms. To successfully show up on the first page of Google, companies have to employ search engine friendly practices to their web design and then build the credibility of their site using sound SEO optimization methods. Done properly, these efforts will result in a huge impact on the bottom line for any business. Webryze has a track record of delivering results and achieving thousands of rankings for highly competitive key words across major search engines using its internet marketing experience and dedication to its clients.


Online Advertising

Understanding what consumers are looking for online is one thing but knowing how and where to show up takes due diligence and necessary research using credible data sources and other primary and secondary research. There is a vast variety of online advertising options available that can be used depending on your target market and budget. Some of them include search engine marketing, search engine optimization, display advertising, affiliate marketing and email promotion to name just a few. Our expert digital marketing team will work with you to define a strategy that will meet you business objectives and grow your client base.


Website Marketing

One of the most commonly used internet marketing tactic relies on heavy promotion of your virtual presence i.e your website. Your website is like your company head quarters online that is open to the general public. To make the best use of your website you have to ensure that it is setup properly so that the search engines are able to scan it properly and then guide visitors to the correct area within the website, based on their search behaviour. This requires optimizing the site using established search engine guidelines set by Google , Yahoo and others. Once the website is in good shape form a web standards and SEO perspective then it's all about building the credibility of your site in the eyes of search engine crawlers by constantly adding and updating fresh content to your site and linking to other related high authority websites. Webryze knows what it takes to be # 1.Our web technicians and SEO experts will get you a top ranking position no matter what it takes.


Pay Per Click Marketing & Management

Another popular form of internet marketing is pay per click advertising. Pay per click advertising relies on the pay per click model where you can position your website in the sponsored section of the search engine results. Every time your sponsored internet ad is clicked on, you pay a certain amount depending on the competitiveness of that keyword. Search engine marketing through pay per click campaign management can get you immediate web exposure and prime real estate on the search engine results page but can also be very costly if not managed professionally. All major search engines in addition to Google provide the pay per click advertising option for online advertising and promotion. Webryze's certified search engine marketing services team comprising of pay per click management veterans will engineer your web marketing campaign from the ground up and will continuously mange and optimize it for maximum results.


Online Promotion

In addition to SEM and SEO, numerous other options exist for driving traffic to your website and getting more sales while building brand awareness and customer loyalty. Some of these online promotion options include social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing and online video marketing just to name a few. The effectiveness of each option depends on the unique nature of your internet marketing goals and the size of your target audience. Webryze's unique methodology which includes analyzing your existing situation helps us to marry the right online advertising option with the right internet marketing objective and then measure the results to maintain efficiency while obtaining exceptional results.


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