There are no complex
tasks for us!


Our strategy is too get you’re small or large business maximum exposure by using ethical SEO and SEM methods and maintaining those ranks. 5 Major steps involved in this strategy are as follows.

1.) Website Audit and suggestions
2.) Consultation and plan building
3.) On Page SEO and Meta Keywords optimization.
4.) Link Building and Off page SEO
5.) Content addition external and internal and social media integration.

These 5 are the major building blocks too start a successful campaign.


Our vision is you making tons of money and having maximum exposure while building brand that you can feel proud of. We want too help you maximize you’re potential.


Build Traffic
Build Client Base
Make You Money
Long Term Customer Relationships
Maintain a steady client base while further increasing it


We love hearing success stories especially ones we helped get there. Not only do we want you too succeed but we thrive too making sure you do. Please add too our collections of success stories from many people just like you..

Progressive Business Thinking

Online Marketing Canada is backed by the SEOPros Canada team with over 15 years in search engine marketing background. If you have a small or medium business in need of a serious boost in the search engines we can make it happen. Times are changing and Google is more picky then ever about practices used too rank websites. Over the past 5 years so many major changes have left millions of blackhat techniques struggling too figure out what went wrong.