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I swear I studied 10 different SEO outfits and every site lies and promised the world. How can a million sites all promise the first slot, it is not possible.
Their pricing is very resonable and if anything they do not charge enough.
Unlike most all other SEO services, this company is very safe and reasonable. Beware of other sites that pocket 90% of your payment and then spend 10% on spam links all over the web. Google punishes sites that are blasted and you risk never having good organics.
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Thanks Again

Kalen , http://www.antennadeals.com/

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I have heard horror stories about SEO companies and I had horrible experiences with them as well. That cannot be said about Joe and his team. I went through nine SEO companies and had given up until I found Joe's site onlinemarketingcanada.ca. I emailed him and asked him what can he do that the others couldn't do for me. He responded quickly and called me to explain what he had in mind. He sounded like he was going to be expensinve so I asked the question. How much will this cost me? Well when we discussed what an affordable budget would provide. It was such a great deal I couldn't wait to give him a try. Best decision I ever made. Within a few months I got to page 2 in Google, my traffic has gone off the charts crazy, my sites and inner pages have increased PR and I am finally seeing results.

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Keep doing what you do best Joe!

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