This SEO service has been excellent for our company.
Before we hired them, we had almost no organic search showing on Yahoo/Google or any search engines...BUT now we have over a dozen search terms in the number 1 position and around 30 within the first 8 positions.
We have been very pleased and will continue to use them.
They give us great commincation and easy reports each month showing what they did, how it helped, what we are ranking.
This company promised me results and EXCEEDED them.
They did not promise me page 1, slot 1 or anything unrelastic. I was told they would do their best to get me as close as they could and they actually did it on over a dozen terms. I was so please to hear the honestly and not some BS pitch like everyone else.
I swear I studied 10 different SEO outfits and every site lies and promised the world. How can a million sites all promise the first slot, it is not possible.
Their pricing is very resonable and if anything they do not charge enough.
Unlike most all other SEO services, this company is very safe and reasonable. Beware of other sites that pocket 90% of your payment and then spend 10% on spam links all over the web. Google punishes sites that are blasted and you risk never having good organics.
I strongly recommend and company that need organic SEO to consider this company. It has been great for me!

Thanks Again

Kalen ,